Sunday, February 7, 2010

Main Stream Media and #P2ville Have Knickers in a Knot over Governor Palin's Speech at Tea Party Convention

The main stream media and the left wing bloggosphere didn't waste much time attempting to marginalize Sarah Palin's speech last night to a large gathering of Tea Party activists from around the world. (To see and hear the full speech carried on CSPAN, click here)

Sarah Palin assails Obama at 'tea party' gathering by Liz Sidoti, one of AP's National Political Writer

First of all, she leads with a marginalization of the Tea Party movement by putting the name in lower case letters inside quotes, as if to imply it doesn't exist?  By this standard should we see other stories similarly noted by AP that include 'job creation' or 'stimulus' or 'transparency' or, well... you get the idea...

Sidotu leads with:
Sarah Palin, in a speech that was short on ideas but big on enthusiam...
Let's see, I heard her speak about across the board tax cuts to create an environment in which sustainable private-sector jobs could be created...she talked about a vision of what a successfully prosecuted war on terror would look like ("we win, they lose")... she drew the clear distinction between the morality of the left (government serves to re-distribute wealth according to some model which promotes the 'greater good' (see, I'm catching on with these quoty thingies)) and that of the right (government serves to protect the rights of all Americans). ideas there.

But then again, I'm sure were she around in 1776, Miss Sidoti would have said that The Declaration of Independence was 'short on ideas'.

I simply can't believe that Sidotu finished her hatchet job with the following quote:
Her fee was $100,000 for the appearance at the for-profit event.
What she failed to mention and what millions of Americans heard as she finished her Q&A session  on CSPAN last night, was that she was returning the speaking fee to the Tea Party movement. #P2 is on fire with Liberals in their echo chamber failing to acknowledge her commitment to return the speaking fee.

Can you believe that a grass-roots conservative movement would actually run a campaign "for profit".  OMG.  In the land of #p2 they are howling at the thought of an enterprise making a profit.  Afterall, in #P2ville money flows from the government whenever it's "needed".  Profits are bad and people who make profits are evil... except for those industrious people out there (who shall remain nameless in #P2ville) who, by their consent, allow themeselves to be fleeced to prop-up a corrupt government (that would be us, the minority who pay Federal Income Tax). 

Lastly, check out the photo that AP chose to run with its hatchet job story.  Could the liberals find a more perfect photo that aligns with their narrative of Palin as an angry hater? Personally, I would rather have seen a picture with those amazing shoes she had on!  Haa haa

And before we leave the AP story, for those of you who are morally confused about the virtue of profits, I highly encourage diners at Hugh Akston's Diner re-read the fabulous "Money" speech given by Rand's character from Atlas Shrugged, Francisco d'Antonia. 

As reported on NewsBusters and then picked-up by Breitbart, Democratic operative Bob Shrum had the following to say about Governor Palin's speech:
The difference with Ronald Reagan was that he always had an alternative vision of where America should go. And what we heard tonight was more a masterful exercise – masterful – in paranoid politics. I mean, she came across to me as a merchant of hate with an oh gosh smile...

The Liberal Blog 'Think Progress' (do the progressives also have blogs called 'Think Stimulus' and 'Think Jobs' or 'Think Reality'?)  posted a blog suggesting that Sarah Palin had answers to questions written on the palm of her hand!  #P2 is ablaze with Tweeters claiming she had crib notes in her palm during the Q&A.  YGTBSM...  that's the sum total of the Left's counter argument?  Really?

The newser site carried a brief story including:
President Obama and Democrats provided much fodder for Palin's $100,000, 40-minute speech... She concluded with a 15-minute Q&A session of pre-selected questions.

Joan Walsh wrote the following from a piece posted on Salon.Com:
This was the Palin we saw at the 2008 Republican convention, the snarling pitbull in shimmery lipstick.  I know journalists aren't supposed to use words like mean and dumb, but I can't help it. Palin is one of the meanest people on the public stage today. She wallows in it. She loves it! Also? Possibly one of the dumbest. But mean works, and so does dumb. And so do lies, and there were many mean, dumb lies in her speech.
The Left is applying some tastelessly pejorative labels to Governor Palin in its Twitter rantings last night and this morning ('Bimbostein', 'Carabou Barbie'). These are the same people who claim to want a fact-based, reasoned dialogue about issues but are thwarted in this noble effort by the knuckle-dragging name-calling morons on the right who are either too stupid or too nasty to engage in meaningful discourse.

 Out in #P2ville we find the following contributions toward a reasoned discourse:
So the pathological liar was back feeding raw meat to a crowd of 500 dumb schmucks who were so easily separated from their money tonight. What else is new?
I doubt she wrote any crib notes. How many brain cells does it take to memorize: “Blah blah blah”?
If she spoke more intelligently she would lose all her nascar fans.
Palin is a moron. Anyone with a lick of sense knows this. Obama WROTE his famous acceptance speech. Using a teleprompter is the way politicians have given speeches for a very long time. Only morons like YOU brainwashed by what Rush has TOLD you to think are trying to make hay out of the fact Obama like most everyone else uses a teleprompter. You are stupid and pathetic. Try to stop embarassing yourself so piteously 
Sarah Palin this Sunday! What do you want to ask her? // The square root of 4? Her answer: All of 'em!
How is #Palin allowed to criticize Obama on anything, let alone national security issues? Why does @nprnews think this is news? ARGH! (Akston's note:  It's called 'Free Speech', a natural right further guarded in our pesky Constitution's Bill of Rights)
Sarah Palin showed up at the national Tea Party convention in Nashville. Sarah thought she was invited for a Tupperware party.

Is no one else vaguely uneasy about her call for a revolution? Sure, it's the same old #Palin BS, but that should still be out of bounds. (Akston's note:  Getting a little nervous out there on the lonely Left?)
You guys, conservatives, in the US must be nuts to support Sarah Palin. That woman is to politics what impotence is to marriage.
"What's the difference between Sarah Palin and Al Sharpton? Lipstick."
I hope Sarah Palin does run for President so that she can get her ass handed to her.
C-Span's attention to Sarah Palin is a celebration of ignorance.
Watching airport CNN in Miami. Sarah Palin is George W Bush with hot flashes. What are you thinking America??? 
So, the fact-based reasoned dialogue has begun.  Well done, Governor Palin. Fight's On!